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Cloud Backups

Status: In Development

There hasn't been any official announcement, but it appears that Signal is currently working on cloud backups for iOS and Android. This feature would allow you to create cloud backups of your messages and media.

While we have known about cloud backups since a commit to Signal-iOS on October 20, 2023, a recent commit to Signal-Android has revealed many more details.

Free and Paid Plans

It looks like there could be both free and paid plans. The free plan could provide full message text backups but only media backups from the last 30 days. The paid plan could provide full message text and media backups with a storage limit of 1TB.

Correction: It has been confirmed that these plans are only test data. They will change before release and were never meant to be actual plans.
Plan Price (Monthly) Text Backup Media Backup Storage
Free Tier $0 Yes Last 30 days Unknown
Paid Tier $3 Yes Yes 1TB
Source. (These details are subject to change)

More Details

From the commit we also know that Signal backups will be end-to-end encrypted and completely optional, with the ability to delete them at anytime.

Cloud backups could significantly improve usability on all platforms by preventing complete data-loss in the event that you lose your phone or encounter some other issue.

NOTE: This feature is under active development and all of these details are subject to change. Additionally, a feature like this could take a significant amount of time to complete, so please be patient!